How we work

How to start shopping the Aaron’s Way

Flexibility, No Debt, Affordable Payments

  • No credit needed
  • Just choose your merchandise and call or drop by your local Aaron’s store
  • All you need is a verified source of income, residence and a few references
  • We’ll confirm your info and you take delivery

Choose your terms to fit your budget (pay monthly or semi-monthly)

  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 months

Aaron’s helps you own it without using credit

The Aaron’s Difference

The most important difference between Aaron’s and other stores is that Aaron’s believes the goal isn’t for you to rent it; the goal is for you to Own it.

Benefits of Aaron’s ServicePlus Plan

120 Days Same as Cash For lease agreements longer than 6 months, if you pay off your merchandise in 120 days or less you will pay the Everyday Low Price, plus tax and ASP on any scheduled payment, and any applicable fees.

Save 15% When you lease any additional item, you get 15% off your first lease payment.

Lifetime Reinstatement After a minimum period of time you can return a leased product and later reactivate that lease at the same store. You will receive the same or comparable condition item as returned and pay only the remaining balance of your original lease.

Preferred Customer Status When you pay off your current lease, you receive a preferred customer coupon, which entitles you to 50% off your first lease payment on any new lease. See store for details and restrictions.

Delivery We’ll deliver, set up, and perform a free demonstration of your new merchandise.

Relocation Services We’ll move your merchandise within a 15 mile radius of the store when you change your address.

Payment Holiday After 4 months, you may qualify to postpone a portion of your payment. See store for details.

Limited Extended Warranty After Purchase You get 60 days extended service on your merchandise. (Not available in NC.)